Nanosynthetic Graft Technology

If you can fuse it, we can use it



We’re building the largest set of data for a synthetic bone graft


Leading with clinical data

SIRAKOSS is spun out of academic research conducted at the University of Aberdeen and is supported by peerless data evidencing our faith in the technology. SIRAKOSS is resolute in continuing to lead with data and so are focused on delivering clinical results that support the product in a real-world patient population as well as in controlled clinical trials. A programme of initial clinical data collection focussed on spinal indications is underway and it is our aim to eventually build the largest set of meaningful data in the market for a synthetic bone graft.

SIRAKOSS are actively seeking to add to centres already participating in gathering clinical data on Osteo3 and would welcome you to get in touch via or this form if you want further information.

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