Nanosynthetic Graft Technology

Faster bone regeneration, controlled graft resorption



Nanosynthetic bone grafts


Unprecedented performance in challenging situations

Studies demonstrate Osteo3 shows potential for unprecedented performance, particularly in challenging indications. This delivers excellent bone regeneration performance without the risks, complexity and costs of biologics or cells. SIRAKOSS use advanced and proprietary understanding of nanostructures and nanochemistry to develop transformative bone graft substitutes that catalyze faster bone regeneration which is coupled with total graft resorption. Osteo3 Granules, our first product, is CE marked and ready to use.


Osteo3 is a patented nanosynthetic bone graft substitute with a unique surface chemistry that catalyzes rapid and controlled bone regeneration. This is combined with a distinctive silicated nanocrystalline structure that provides a platform for cell mediated complete resorption. Osteo3 Granules are nanoporous (approximately 80%) granules, 1-2 mm in size, and sterile packaged in 5 or 10 cc volumes.

Osteo3 Granules, CE marked in the EU, may be mixed with autologous bone and/or bone marrow aspirate.

Product roadmap