Nanosynthetic Graft Technology

Catalyzing rapid and complete bone formation


SIRAKOSS provides bone grafting solutions to surgeons

Our products enable the delivery of reliable bone healing in all patients. Our first formulation, Osteo3, is a unique, proprietary nanosynthetic bone graft substitute composed of novel inorganic granules. It provides significantly better healing in challenging models, supporting its potential for reliably achieving rapid patient recovery. SIRAKOSS has a unique focus on developing strong clinical data in support of product efficacy.


Unmatched rapid early bone formation

The Osteo3 nanoporous surface and structure catalyze rapid and controlled bone regeneration via the extreme attachment of endogenous bone formation proteins onto the industry-leading high surface area structure



True biological resorption

Unprecedented performance, particularly in challenging indications, due to the Osteo3 unique, patented high level of silicon substitution coupled with its structure, which together facilitate true biological resorption of the nanosynthetic graft at a physiologically-appropriate rate.

High performance, low risk profile

Synthetic bone grafts have failed to meet clinical expectations. Biologic solutions are regarded as more effective, albeit at significantly increased cost and higher risk of serious adverse events. Osteo3 shows unparalleled potential for high performance with the low risk profile demanded by clinicians and patients.