OssDsign Catalyst®

A breakthrough in nanosynthetic bone grafting

OssDsign Catalyst nanosynthetic bone graft putty is designed to engage dual bone formation pathways resulting in rapid and reliable bone formation at early time points throughout the entire fusion mass.*,3,5

1. Nanotechnology and ionic amplification

– Nanoscale structure enables interaction with bone cells
– Silicate ions amplify the bone formation process


2. Dual bone formation pathways

– Most bone grafts engage the intramembranous pathway at the edges of the fusion
– Catalyst also engages the endochondral pathway at the center of the fusion
– Simultanous bone formation is observed at early time points


3. First class handling

– Available for immediate use
– Easy intra-operative manipulation
– Mixes well 1:1 with local autograft
– Packs well into an interbody cage
– Pushes easily down a canula


OssDsign Catalyst is now indicated for interbody fusion

– Now indicated for use with interbody cages cleared for use with a bone void filler.

– The first synthetic bone graft to be cleared to market for interbody use based on bone graft data alone, allowing on-label use in any interbody cage cleared for use with synthetic bone grafts.
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*Results from pre-clinical testing may not be predictive of clinical experience in humans. For important safety and intended use information please refer to local IFU.

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