CEO statement


Dear OssDsign stakeholder,

OssDsign is a fast-growing developer and provider of next generation orthobiologics products. Based on cutting edge material science, we develop and market products that support the body's own healing capabilities.

In September 2023 we announced a strategy shift, and we have now entered 2024 as a pure orthobiologics company and will focus all resources on our bone graft technology. The key commercial product on our technology platform, OssDsign Catalyst®, is a nanosynthetic, silicate-enriched calcium phosphate bone graft substitute that has been designed to deliver consistent and rapid bone healing and remodeling. The high level of substituted silicate in the porous granules combined with the nanoscale architecture is thought to promote early bone formation.

New outstanding clinical results from our TOP FUSION study, and an expanded interbody clearance from the FDA that enables a broader on-label use of the product, combined with a large addressable market with solid underlying growth the way is paved for a strong position for OssDsign Catalyst in the U.S. market.

The high gross margin and scalability that characterize the orthobiologics business means that the conditions are now in place for OssDsign to maintain its exceptional sales growth and generate higher shareholder value, while continuing to give patients back the lives they deserve.

Thank you for your continued interest in OssDsign AB.

Morten Henneveld, CEO

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